Graduation Ceremony and Graduation Party for Students of 2017

Fime: 2020-02-28

On June 23, 2019, the students of Luxury Brand Management of UIBE completed their two-year study and graduated eventually!


The past two years have witnessed the high-end development of our students under the guidance of Professor Zhang Mengxia, the Director of Research Center for Luxury Goods and Services. Professor Zhang created a richer curriculum system for students, with a stricter curriculum management, which was intended to enable students to achieve a more professional capability before graduation.

Wang Zilong (engaged in jewelry and café industry) and Guan Yanyan (Marketing Manager of North Area and National Training Manager in DE RIGO Group) of 2013 were invited to attend the graduation ceremony as excellent graduate representatives.

(Guan Yanyan was speaking.


At the ceremony, Professor Zhang Mengxia gave a speech of congratulation to the graduates and issued the graduation certificates.

At the graduation party, Ms. Liu Fengjiao presented professional knowledge of wine tasting, and Ms. Yu Mengyao prepared homemade desserts for the graduates.

Graduation ceremony and graduation party came to a successful end!

2020年奢侈品管理(同等学力)高级人员研修班 点击查看课程详情




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