Lecture: Retailing @Luxury by Oscar, a Trainer from GUCCI, Deciphered the Retail of Luxury

Fime: 2020-11-06

On October 24, Research Center for Luxury Goods and Services ("Luxury China") of University of International Business and Economics ("UIBE") organized a lecture “Retail @Luxury”, themed by the Retailing@ Luxury.


We invited Oscar Zhang, Manager of Retail Training Department of Gucci (a brand under Kering Group) to give this lecture. Oscar has extensive experience in training on luxury retail. He once served as Manager of Learning and Development Department at Lane Crawford and Coach.


Oscar explained the retailing of Luxury from three aspects, including: the difference between the Real Luxury and Fast Fashion, the trend of online and offline consumption in the luxury industry, and how to serve the customers in this industry.


Guided by Oscar Zhang, the audience conducted interaction and communication in depth. They came from various industries, including senior managers of luxury brands, employees of fast fashion brands, gem buyers, and people engaging in finance, cosmetic medicine, Internet and second-hand luxury retail. They provided many new ideas and unique answers on the scene.


Then, with the ads of wristwatch Drive de Cartier, the creative video Camellia of Chanel and the Haute Couture Detail clip of Chanel, Oscar expounded the efforts made by and the positioning of luxury brands in respect of classic heritage, aesthetics, craftsmanship and experiential service.


This lecture is both theoretical and practical. Through a few sale cases, Oscar analyzed the factors that led to the success of offline luxury stores in detail based on his extensive sale experience, sale techniques and consumer behaviors. He emphasized the significant role of the experience of terminal customers in the retail of luxury and shared the current requirements for sales engaging in the luxury retail in China.


The audience shared and challenged their ideas mutually, and communicated intensely and passionately at the round table. Through this vivid and wonderful lecture, the students from the major of the Luxury Brand Management systemically learned about the luxury retail. They said that they benefited a lot and wanted more similar lectures. Oscar believes that these students engaging in the luxury management are open-minded, and the luxury industry demands the talents with high quality.


At the end of the lecture, Professor Zhang Mengxia, the Director of Luxury China of UIBE, granted a certificate of contract research fellow on behalf of the Luxury China to Oscar Zhang. In the 13-year development, Luxury China is always devoted to training senior managers of luxury brands and fashion masters. We hope Oscar Zhang could come again to deliver more wonderful lectures.

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