The Decryption of Chanel

Fime: 2020-02-28

As a luxury brand, Chanel attributes its success to the focus, perseverance and innovation that have been practiced for almost one hundred years. It leads the fashion through many ways, such as implantation in film, fashion shoots, and cooperation with famous actors; however, the most well know way is the fashion show initiated for each season.


Today, we will talk about how Chanel made use of fashion shows to assist brand marketing and classics creating.


The 2019 Spring/Summer Fashion Show was the last ready-to-wear show before Mr. Karl Lagerfeld passed away, and this show successfully created a picture of ladies of rank and fashion going on holidays by the seaside. In 2018, a waterfall landscape was built at the site. In 2017, the future robot in Chanel suit made the audiences' eyes light up.

When Mr. Karl Lagerfeld was in office, the Spring/Summer Shows of Chanel for recent three years leave audiences with an impression of being fantastic, extraordinary, and full of creativity. However, if viewed from a deeper perspective, these shows contain many marketing skills we might usually ignore; this also manifests the brilliant point of Chanel's fashion shows: Chanel's fashion show for each season possesses its unique theme, infinite originality, and surprises. They hold expensive fashion shows not just to provide a show for us to enjoy, but also to root its brand in our heart for further growing.


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