Opening Ceremony of 2019 Luxury Brand Management

Fime: 2020-01-06

Opening Ceremony of 2019 Luxury Brand Management was held on September 7, 2019.


The enrollment of students gathered a great many of elites and talents in the luxury industry, high-end brand managers, family business inheritors, jewelry designers, etc. The school adheres to the principle to gather the talents relating to luxury in various spheres, and creates a learning platform featured by industrial diversity. Students can access outstanding talents in different spheres. The academic courses and appraisal & experience courses configured conscientiously by the school will also provide you with a broader vision.


In the opening ceremony, Professor Zhang Mengxia, the Director of Luxury China made an opening speech to welcome the students who are going to study in the Research Center for Luxury Goods and Services. She shared the curriculum planning and the latest news of Beijing Fashion Week.


Finally, the outstanding student, Yang Xiaojing, gave a speech on behalf of new students. 

The first semester for students of Luxury Brand Management in 2019 is officially started!


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