Student Interview | How does she become successful after more than a decade of working in high-end brand enterprise?

Fime: 2020-02-28

Today we have an interview with Ms. GuanYanyan, a student of 2013.


Ms. Guan Yanyan was a student of the University of International Business and Economics (UIBE), who graduated in 2015 with a Master's degree in Luxury Brand Management. She has been developing in the luxury industry and has more than 10 years of experience in the luxury industry after she graduated.


At present, Ms. Guan Yanyan serves as the North District Market Manager of Italy's De Rigo Group, mainly be responsible for the planning and implementation of public relations activities; publicity of media, window display and image management of brand retail stores, arrangement of national training courses and training work, etc.

Ms. Guan believes that amid the fierce competition in the workplace, we will not be replaced in the society only by constantly making progress.


"Systematically completing Luxury Brand Management courses at the UIBE is also one of my previous goals," Ms. Guan said. "The experience at the UIBE makes me go to De Rigo and work in market management before I graduated, so that I can have a better plan for my future career development."

She is also particularly grateful for the opportunity to study at the UIBE, and believes that the university provides her with a platform to systematically study Luxury Brand Management courses. Experts from the industry are often invited to the University to give lectures, thus improving students' learning experience of the whole course. "


2020年奢侈品管理(同等学力)高级人员研修班 点击查看课程详情




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