2020 Opening Ceremony of Luxury Brand Management

Fime: 2020-09-23

COVID-19 has been still spreading across the world since its outbreak at the beginning of this year. In such a special situation, Research Center for Luxury Goods and Services (Luxury China) of University of International Business and Economics (UIBE) successfully held a cloud-based opening ceremony for 2020 freshmen by the collaborative efforts of all teachers and students. On that day, Xu Yiping, Professor and Associate Dean of School of International Economics and Trade (SIET), delivered a speech at this ceremony. Professor Zhang Mengxia of Luxury China gave the first professional lecture. Ms. Guan Yanyan, Representative of Excellent Graduates from Luxury China & Market Manager of North Zone of Guangzhou Deligao Trade Co., Ltd., an international luxury trade organization, shared her experience when she studied at Luxury China. Guo Jialin, Representative of Freshmen & North China Operating Director and Manager of Beijing Office of Shanghai Fieyu, a second-hand luxury e-commerce platform, gave a speech on behalf of all freshmen. This opening ceremony was presided by Teacher Zhang Ruijie of Luxury China.


In his speech, Xu Yiping, Professor and Associate Dean of SIET, first gave a warm welcome to 2020 freshmen. Then he introduced the long history and features of SIET and Luxury China in details. Besides, he shared the characteristics of the luxury industry from the perspective of economics. He highly appreciated the achievements made by Luxury China and recognized that it is a good choice for students to study luxury and economics in a professional and systematic way at Luxury China of UIBE. At last, he wished that all students will study hard, complete the two-year study successfully, and realize their dreams.


On behalf of Luxury China, Professor Zhang Mengxia welcomed all freshmen. She hoped that they will study hard and make another achievement. Then she made an academic lecture titled Current Situation and Development Trend of the Luxury Market. In this lecture, Professor Zhang shared her opinions about “the reason why the luxury consumption in China can fast grow in face of the adverse situation, the return of high-end consumption, the characteristics of China’s luxury market, as well as the insights and development trend of global luxury market in the future”. At last, she especially emphasized that there is a growing demand for executive talents in China’s luxury industry. Luxury China will continue to foster executive talents for luxury industry and carry out close cooperation and communication with the luxury management education circle, enterprises and industries at home and abroad, so as to cultivate industrial elites.


As a graduate, Guan Yanyan gave suggestion to freshmen about their study in the future. She said: “This year is special and my experience can prove this. With the persistence of this epidemic across the world, crisis occurs as to the sale in the whole industry. In order to survive better, each major brand starts to focus on digital marketing and CRM. I learned the relevant courses at UIBE. In our company, I am responsible for trade marketing and digital marketing. Such work is crucial for a luxury company. The knowledge which I learned at UIBE greatly help me in my work. Besides, there are many other competitive posts at a luxury company, such as jewelry appraiser, operation supervisor, trainer, leather appraiser, e-commerce operator, VMD designer and CRM manager. As for these posts, UIBE set up the relevant compulsory courses. Therefore, the study at UIBE can help you start your career in the luxury industry. Through systematic study, you can grow quickly in the luxury industry.” She sincerely appreciated that UIBE provides such a great platform for professional study. She wished all freshmen a brilliant future.


As the representative of 2020 freshmen, Guo Jialin expressed the expectation and confidence for the study in the following two years on behalf of all freshmen. As an executive in the luxury industry, Guo has rich experience in technical work. At present, he is responsible for the operation of Beijing Office of Feiyu, a second-hand luxury e-commerce platform. He is an aggressive and excellent professional manager. He was very grateful that Luxury China provided this opportunity for students to learn professional knowledge systematically and improve themselves.


The freshmen came from various places all over the country and various industries, such as pawn, bank, medical cosmetology, second-hand e-commerce, jewelry and high-end services. Many of them have made achievements in the luxury field or other related industries. However, these young people strive for excellence, and they believe knowledge is power, which can create a better future.


Wish all 2020 freshmen in the major of Luxury Management will achieve academic and career success and embrace a brilliant future!


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