Wine Tasting Class: A Winter Gathering of Luxury Management Elites of University of International Business and Economics

Fime: 2020-11-29

On November 14, 2020, the students of 2020 in Luxury Management of the University of International Business and Economics had a wine tasting class in JM ART SPACE. The beautiful and avant-garde pictures and the rich wine aroma complement each other. Amid such an artistic atmosphere, the students experienced the astringency, sour and sweet of wine, just like the vicissitudes in life.

The teacher presented how to select good wine products (for example, among the wines produced in the same area and the same year, those with a higher alcoholic strength will be better in quality. However, in most cases, the alcoholic strength is not the criteria for selecting wines), how to choose the foods matching different wines, the key points for tasting Lafite, how to be a professional wine taster and so on.

The students tried more than ten kinds of wine, including the Folie Courbessac Dry Rose used by Macron for the banquet on the first day of the China International Import Expo in 2019: limited Shengfenglang dry white, Prestige Rouge dry red, Briat Armagncs Baron,de Pichon-Longueville (1984), Prince Charles dry white, Chateau Du Girons Bordeaux dry red, and Chateau Du Girons Grade I small field dry red. Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot of Prestige Rouge were used for the final blending practice.

The students of 2020 in Luxury Management started a warm winter with their first cups of warm wines. The wine tasting class came to a successful conclusion.

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