Student Interview | Men can also run exquisite businesses in coffee and jewelry

Fime: 2020-02-28

Today we interviewed Mr. Wang Zilong, a student of 2013. Graduated from University of International Business and Economics (UIBE) in 2015, he has been engaged in the jewelry industry for 7 years. He founded its own brand in 2014, officially opened jewelry studios in 2016, and opened jewelry stores in 2018 in Tianjin.

When talking about the process of starting his own business, Mr. Wang said, "I started my career and witnessed all changes of the jewelry industry, from second-hand trading to brand retailing. I saw the defects, stiffness and lack of new life in the industry. This is why I want to be unique and involve developing fine coffee. I came to study at the University of International Business and Economics to make up for my shortcomings. “

"I also thank UIBE for the opportunity to know coffee. I came to know fine coffee at the University. I was originally interested in coffee and the coffee course at the University gave me a deeper understanding of coffee."

When asked about the operation experience of the cafe, he said," The operation experience is far from enough. In fact, my store is mainly engaged in jewelry, and fine coffee is mainly to provide customers with a more communication platform and make customers like this lifestyle more.


Finally, for future younger students, Mr. Wang suggested that it is not necessary to separate study from work and life, so that they can improve their abilities through study and analyze problems from different ways and angles, which will also be helpful to their future work. Our goal of study is more than a degree.


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