The Decryption of Chanel Fashion Show’s Marketing Strategy 3

Fime: 2019-12-27

The last decryption of this special topic, we will take you to appreciate the Chanel Spring/Summer Fashion Shows from 2011 to 2013. Overall, the themes are less obvious than that have been shown in the last three years, but they still captured the elegance of Chanel itself.

(Photos from Vogue )

(Photos from Vogue )

(Photos from Vogue)


In general, the media communication strategy of Chanel shows in the last decade has increasingly improved. The previous scenes for shows were designed by merely referencing elements such as movie scenes and solar panels, while the later scenes for shows were presented by directly copying real scenes like airports, landscapes and big parades. No matter what kinds of layout, they perfectly fitted the fashion design to cater to the innovation of the fashion. For luxury brands, the public recognition is very important, and Chanel has perfectly done it through the gorgeous fashion shows. Furthermore, the shows adopted some other communication strategies, which are the successes of the Chanel brand. For example, it is very impressive that the live videos of shows were spread through the internet and the Media was invited to attend the shows.     

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