Coffee Appreciation Course

Fime: 2019-12-27

On December 8, 2019, students from the Research Centre for Luxury Goods and Services of the International Economic and Trade Specialty of UIBE attended the Coffee Appreciation courses under the teacher's guidance.

(The photos were taken in class.)


There are a great many kinds of coffee, and the choice for coffee flavor is gradually developed during everyday consumption process.


So what factors will affect the final flavor of coffee?

Firstly, the variety of coffee tree.


(Photos from the class PowerPoint.)



Secondly, the processing of coffee cherry.

(Photos from the class PowerPoint.)



The most important is the roasting of coffee beans.


(Photos from the class PowerPoint)



In class, students appreciated the difference of coffee beans with different roasting level through cupping by themselves.

(Photos of Student Practice)



And then, the students used the toolbox to test the level of sensitivity to aroma.

(Photos from the class PowerPoint)


Students had a deeper understanding of the coffee flavor through the four categories and 36 kinds of fragrance in the toolbox


(Photos from the class PowerPoint)

The courses have accomplished successfully!

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