2019 Beijing Humboldt Theme Forum

Fime: 2019-12-24

The Beijing Humboldt Forum 2019-Theme Forum was solemnly held in University of International Business and Economics (UIBE) on September 22. The theme of this forum is "The Talents for Guaranteeing the Sustainable Economic Business in China-Insights from the Business, Alumni and Academic Institutions"

Founded in 2013, the Beijing Humboldt Forum focuses on such hot frontier topics as "Green Economy", "Cultural Heritage" and "Artificial Intelligence (AI)". This year is the sixth year of the Humboldt Forum and its influence on domestic and abroad is remarkable. This forum was jointly held by Research Center for Luxury Goods and Services of the School of International Economics and Trade, UIBE and the School of Business of the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria. Professor Zhang Mengxia, the Director of Research Center for Luxury Goods and Services of UIBE served as the Chairman of the Chinese side. Senior executives, experts and scholars from enterprises, universities and research institutions in the luxury industry and high-tech IT industry in China, Austria, Italy, France and other countries made keynote speeches. Many senior executives and media reporters from well-known multinational companies attended this forum.

Chinese and foreign guests made suggestions around the theme, and expressed their profound understanding and brilliant insights. The insights will motivate the sustainable development of China's economy.

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