Professor Zhang Mengxia, the Director of Luxury China interviewed about "LV Cooperates with Hero Alliance! Will ‘Luxury + E-sports’ Become a New Trend?”

Fime: 2019-12-17


Telegraph on 25th, Sep. (Xie Lingyun) International luxury brand Louis Vuitton (LV) and the company Riot Games have announced a cooperation. LV will design a type of suitcase in cup shape for the 2019 Hero Alliance global finals, and will also release hero skin, co-branded products and other related products of Hero Alliance in the future.


Previously, LV only designed such cases in trophy shape for the World Cup, the Copa America and other large traditional sports events. This combination of names with Hero Alliance will make LV extend from traditional sports to E-sports. Why is LV, a century-old luxury brand, interested in E-sports? Is it will form a new trend of industry development with "Luxury + E-sports" in the future?


Professor Zhang Mengxia, the director of the Research Center for Luxury Goods and Services at the University of International Business and Economics, pointed out in an interview with Zhong Xin Jing Wei that the development of luxury industry should be consistent with the mainstream target user group. Louis Vuitton has previously collaborated with Supreme, a street fashion brand mainly targeting at young consumer groups. LV+ street fashion brand can not only highlight the classic of luxury, but also fit in with the lifestyle of luxury target customers.


Zhang Mengxia said that luxury brands most focus on innovative and unique features. It will be good if there are unique ways to cooperate with E-sports. But if it only is to help E-sports design a product, or imitate the existing model, it will be meaningless. Luxury brands must pay attention to the lifestyles, preferences and values of the millennial population when innovating and developing new elements. That's the essence need to be caught."

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