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2020 Luxury Brand Management Course in the University of International Business and Economics (UIBE)

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Luxury Brand Management Course in the University of International Business and Economics (UIBE) is a part-time course with the aim at cultivating luxury senior managers and applying a studying continuously chance for entrepreneurs. After participating in the National Equivalent Academic Ability Entrance Examination (national examination for the students with the equivalent academic capacity), the students will get the chance to apply for the Master’s degree of International Trade (with a professional direction of luxury management).


The features of the Luxury Brand Management Course

Top faculty. The Research Center for Luxury Goods and Services has founded for 11 years. The faculty consists of professors from UIBE, business mentors and industry experts.

Curriculum System: In line with the international first-class luxury management course system, this course covers all categories of luxury appreciation. Economics +Business Management + Luxury Appreciation (Wine, Coffee, Jade, Diamond, Handbags, Wristwatch, Art Gallery, Image Design, Dress Color, Art collection and so on.)


2020 Spring Semester Entrants   Opening in April

3 places left

Leather Identification, Wristwatch, Haute Couture, Window Display





















Wine Appreciation





















Jewelry and Design




















Floriculture, Coffee, Yacht, High-end Image




















Excellent Alumni Platform. Brand executives, Entrepreneurs, Family business inheritors, Independent designers, Professional managers in the E-commerce Industry.





















The Introduction of the University:

The University of International Business and Economics (UIBE) is a national key university, directly under the Ministry of education, as one of the first batch of "project 211" universities and the first batch of "double first-class" universities. It is located in Chaoyang District of the capital 删掉Beijing, with campus planned exquisite and environment elegant. It is one of the important bases of personnel training and scientific research for the socialist economic construction of China.


The Introduction of the School:

The discipline of Applied Economics in School of International Trade and Economics, UIBE, ranks the top at the subject competitions conducted by the Ministry of Education and professional assessment organizations. As for the disciplines, International Trade is the leading national discipline among the universities in China, and the International Economic and Trade has nine national honor awards.


The Introduction of the Center:

Founded in 2007, The Research Center for Luxury Goods and Services is a research and teaching institution established by School of International Trade and Economics, UIBE, relying on the school's leading discipline advantages and strong faculty.


Why to learn Luxury Brand Management?

Mastering the core theories of Luxury & Fashion Brand Management and International Marketing Management.


Analyzing the internal and external business environment and market competitiveness of luxury enterprises, and evaluating the comprehensive capabilities and strategies of luxury industries from multiple perspectives of society, economy, culture and business.


Learning the growth experience, business model and practical skills from world-class luxury brands, and laying a theoretical and practical foundation for the realization of high-paying employment in the luxury industry or the establishment of independent high-end brands.

Approaching to the scarce learning resources of UIBE's graduate course in luxury management and apply for the National Master's degree awarded by UIBE.

Getting an opportunity for further study in Europe, such as France, Italy, Britain or North America.


[Length of Schooling]

2-years Part-time Master’s Degree Course. 4 days of intensive classes per month.

(We teach on删掉 Saturdays and Sundays every other week. Please see the teaching plan for details.)



Tuition for 2 years totally: RMB 80,000 per person.

(Including: Registration fee, Tuition fee, Materials fee, Certificate fee, Teaching fee and Training fee)



1.    Students who have completed the courses prescribed by "curriculum setting" and passed the examination (assessment) can finish the course. 

2.    Students who have finished the course will receive a Certificate of Completion of Part-Time Training Course of UIBE with signature of the President, seal of university and red seal.

3.    Master's Degree: after three years from obtaining the state-recognized bachelor's degree and passing two exams, including international economics and business English, you can apply for the master's degree in economics according to the relevant regulations of our school.


[Entry Requirement]


The admissions policy for this program is based on students loving luxury and fashion industry, and having good image and temperament, with Bachelor’s degree or above (only for students who want to get Master's degree) and more than two years of work experience (luxury and fashion industry experience is preferred). Appointments in advance need to be made for interviews.

(In addition: only personal application is accepted. Any application by assistant or others will be not accepted. Please understand that applications from university students are not accepted.)


[Application Process]

1.    Call the center office at 010-64493133 to obtain and fill in the registration form for the course.

2.    Provide one original and one copy of personal ID card, latest academic certificate and degree certificate.

3.    Submit two 1-inch and two 2-inch ID photos without hat on.

4.    You can attend the interview after passing the preliminary qualification examination.

5.    Candidates who pass the interview can enter the registration process.


The class schedule is attached below


If you would like the opportunity or have any questions please contact us:

Tel.: 010-64493133 or 15801238529 (Teacher Zhang)




 2020 Luxury Brand Management Course is recruiting!

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